2013 NFL Mock Draft: November 28th Edition

Updated: November 28, 2012

And yet another week is in the books! It feels like just yesterday I was posting the Thanksgiving Mock… because it was literally less than a week ago. But the dedication to the game says that another week equals another NFL Mock Draft.

So what can possibly be new this week? For one, the Philadelphia Eagles got the #3 overall pick. SMH (shaking my head) at their season. Who would have thought that less than 2 years after Vince Young dubbed that squad the “Dream Team” they would be ushering in the new era?

Due to the Eagles moving up, of course a lot of players shuffled around. I can’t help but notice the run on defensive players the 2013 draft is going to have. Man…

Anyways, I know you want to get on to the draft so here are the picks!

1. Chiefs: Smith, Geno QB West Virginia
The Chiefs are a blunder of talent, expectations, and some downright putrid quarterbacking.

2. Jaguars: Jones, Jarvis OLB Georgia
The Jaguars are going to keep Henne and Gabbert another year. Whyyyyyyy?!

Word is Gene Smith may be getting fired. If true it’s very likely this pick is a Quarterback but we’ll see. For now Jarvis Jones is still the pick.

3. Eagles: Barkley, Matt QB USC
Eagles fans you know the Draft Commandments. If you don’t have a franchise quarterback you must draft one. Matt Barkley is on the top of the board staring at a 3-8 (or worse) team with Nick Foles as their quarterback. Mike Vick will probably be released.

4. Raiders: Lotulelei, Star DT Utah
The Raiders will probably look to see what Terrelle Pryor has in store for them before passing up on a monster like Lotulelei for a Tyler Bray or Tyler Wilson.

5. Browns: Teo, Manti ILB Notre Dame
The Browns luck out with Teo once again in this 2013 Mock Draft. By the time it’s said and done he may be the #1 player on the board.

6. Panthers: Milliner, Demarcus CB Alabama
The Panthers won this week but again their defense was pourous and gave up yards in chunks. Most will have a defensive tackle here but Carolina’s biggest need bar none is defensive back.

7. Chargers: Joeckel, Luke OT Texas AM
The Chargers need to draft the highest rated offensive player on the board. No matter the position.

8. Bills: Mingo, Barkevious OLB LSU
The billion dollar defense that can’t stop anyone is going to have to figure it out. They brought back Shawne Merriman but it’s obvious his best days are over. Mingo is the successor and maybe finally the last piece. (No I don’t believe that.)

9. Titans: Werner, Bjoern DE Florida State
The Titans need a consistent pass rusher to push Derrick Morgan and bring a new element to this defense. Bjoern Werner would fit that role well….

10. Lions: Montgomery, Sam DE LSU
The Lions always take the highest rated player left.

11. Cardinals: Lewan, Taylor OT Michigan
You got to keep whoever is the QB down here healthy. Alex Smith 2013?

12. Jets: Hankins, Johnathan DT Ohio State
Highest rated player, and he plays defense. Yep. Rex will ignore his QB situation and draft him.

13. Rams: Reid, Eric S LSU
Everything I’ve read has said that the Rams want Eric Reid. They better draft him early if that’s true. You don’t want another Justin Blackmon situation happening.

14. Dolphins: Allen, Keenan WR UCLA
Brian Hartline is good, but needs someone to free up some attention before teams start doubling him.

15. Saints: Jordan, Dion DE Oregon
The Saints will be doing a lot of rearranging of this defensive line. Don’t be surprised if they draft two or three linemen in the 2013 NFL Draft.

16. Rams: Hunter, Justin WR Tennessee
With so many receivers and two picks in this draft Jeff Fisher can afford to wait for a catcher this year.

17. Cowboys: Moore, Damontre DE Texas AM
Even if Anthony Spencer gets that Brinks truck delivery (looking more like he will) the Boys need a DE/OLB for this rotation.

18. Buccaneers: Banks, Jonathan CB Mississippi State
Banks is a tough, physical, big corner. That is who the Bucs absolutely have to leave this draft with.

19. Bengals: Mosley, CJ ILB Alabama
Cincy needs to find a long term solution at inside linebacker. And quickly.

The ladies approve this pick.

20. Vikings: Jenkins, John DT Georgia
Vikings need some options on offense but the resource of a first rounder is best spent on a defensive line getting up there in age.

21. Seahawks: Williams, Terrance WR Baylor
If Pete Carroll drafts the player that makes sense, it would be Terrance Williams. But then again this is Pete Carroll. He is just as likely to use this pick on me, or you.

22. Steelers: Ogletree, Alec ILB Georgia
Larry Foote is old. James Harrison is too. Let’s keep it real. Lawrence Timmons is playing at a All Pro level, but that would surely drop off if the Steelers allow teams to key in and start blocking him out of plays with no other threats in the LB corps.

23. Packers: Eifert, Tyler TE Notre Dame
Once Finley is released Tom Crabtree and DJ Williams (Arkansas) are going to be the only TE’s on the roster. Eifert gives them at least one clear starter.

24. Colts: Woods, Robert WR USC
Andrew Luck is going to make the playoffs with an offense that mainly consists of himself, Reggie Wayne, and some guys that were cast from other teams. Imagine if this team filled out their receiving corp with top talent. (No diss to TY Hilton.)

25. Giants: Fisher, Eric OT Central Michigan
The Giants need to sure up that line, keep Eli in “good Eli” mode.

26. Broncos: Elam, Matt S Florida
The Broncos can do a lot of things with this pick. WR, ILB, CB, and S are all in play. At the end of the day Matt Elam is the highest rated player left at a need. Tavon Austin could be a surprise pick here as well.

27. Patriots: Austin, Tavon WR West Virginia
I love Tavon Austin and Im sure the Patriots will as well. Why pay Wes Welker big money when you can bring in a slot terror like Tavon for a fraction of the price? Tom Brady will be mad for maybe a week until he sees Tavon’s speed up close…

28. Bears: Richardson, Sheldon DT Missouri
Amobi Okoye was just released from this team for the, what? Second time this year?

29. 49ers: Vaccaro, Kenny S Texas
The 49ers have little weaknesses. If anything needs to be drafted it has to be depth at safety. Gholston is going to be there for a while, but next to him how much longer will Whitner?

30. Ravens: Warmack, Chance OG Alabama
The Ravens stay true to their draft board. Yes they want to draft Ray Lewis’ successor but if there is a higher rated player available such as Chance Warmack, he would be the pick.

31. Falcons: Ansah, Ezekiel DE BYU
The Falcons finally cut Ray Edwards. Nine tackles, zero sacks left a lot to be desired.

32. Texans: Fluker, DJ OT Alabama
The Texans may win the Superbowl, but still need a long term solution over at right tackle. Enter DJ Fluker or any of the other tackles left.


  1. Brent Lebl

    December 2, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    1) Bears will not advance far enough in playoffs to merit pick #28
    2) You obviously not a resident of the Midwest! Bears will never go Defense on first pick: OL or TE or WR , OR trade up.

    Pick up the pace

    • D. Wash

      December 2, 2012 at 6:05 pm

      They just took Shea McClellin #19 last year….

  2. Josh Hawk

    December 3, 2012 at 4:28 am

    I disagree with the Chicago pick as well. If players like Jake Matthews or Barrett Jones are still available Chicago almost has to draft them. J’Marcus Webb cannot keep the starting job. All Gabe Carimi needs is more reps. The guy might as well be a rookie still considering he missed almost all last season.

  3. kris

    December 3, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    No way Detroit takes a DE with their 1st rd. pick. Notta. Based on that list there’s no way they’d pass on Eric Reid / S out of LSU.

  4. Ray

    December 6, 2012 at 7:46 am

    Eagles take Joeckel or…it’s possible they make a trade with SD or Arizona, who both would like to get their hands on an OT like him. Their 3th overall pick for SD’s or Arizona’s first rounder, a second and thirth or fourth. Why not use the tradebait! Maybe just maybe we can get a quality OL (Warmack, Fluker, Matthews or Fisher), CB (Milliner, Banks, Rhodes or Amerson) and a S (Elam, Vaccaro or McDonald) in the first two rounds. That would be something, right?!

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