Brock Osweiler a Fourth-Round Prospect Despite Internet Hype

Updated: March 31, 2012

The curious case of one Brock Osweiler. It was like one day he was a young promising QB for Arizona State, and suddenly the next he was in the NFL Draft and a first round prospect. And thus, is the danger of internet scouts.

Many, many, many amateur scouts have pegged Osweiler as a can’t miss development QB. On that same note many have even pegged him in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, though yours truly has not. Why? Because anyone who watched Osweiler saw footwork issues, and an arm who’s accuracy came and went as it pleased.

That’s not to knock Osweiler more than it is to offset the internet hype. I tell you, the instant some fellow Denver Broncos fans (pre Peyton) found out Brock was 6’8 *but he’s really not 6’8* they were throwing him in their mocks left and right.

Thanks to PFT we have the real lowdown on what the league thinks:

“I’m not sure what that means, to be honest with you,” Casserly said of Brandt’s first-round projection. “I haven’t studied this guy yet but I interviewed nine teams about him. Eight of them had him rated in the fourth round. The workout doesn’t change the rating on the tape. The other team had him rated in the second. Issues about the guy concerning decision making, accuracy, takes too many sacks, questionable instincts. All of those things, to me, are things you see on tape, not in the workout. I’m going to take what those teams said and stick with that.”

NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi agreed with that, noting that Osweiler was only a one-year starter at Arizona State. Lombardi took issue with Brandt’s assessment as well.

“I don’t think you could ever, possibly, consider him a first-round talent,” Lombardi said.