Is Taylor Martinez the Best Draft Prospect Ever?

Updated: October 9, 2010

taylor martinezWith all the hype surrounding Denard Robinson’s beating up on some of the worst defenses in the FBS, Nebraska’s Freshman QB Taylor Martinez has been lost in the shuffle.

Not only has he compiled monster yardage (660 yards passing, 737 yards rushing so far) but he has also led the Huskers to the #7 ranking in the nation.

But is he the best prospect possibly… ever?!

Let’s look at the outburst he put on Kansas State Thursday night.  241 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns. Insane numbers for a QB.  But was also insane was the mere 7 pass attempts Martinez put up in the game.

So as the national media hype machine gears up to start pushing Martinez, I have to say cool off on “crowing him” (shout out to Dennis Green) because Martinez is not throwing the ball nearly enough to be a legit pro Quarterbacking prospect.  As of right now he only averages 14 pass attempts per game. Nebraska’s scheme just isn’t going to give us a good enough look at Martinez’ ability to sit back and dissect a defense right now. Maybe next year.

All in all, is Martinez the best athlete when he steps on the field?

99% of the time that is correct.

But is he one of the best Quarterbacks in the nation?

Not so fast my friends.