The Video of Paige & Xavier Woods THEY Don’t Want You to See

Updated: March 17, 2017

The internet blew up today with word of a new video with WWE’s Xavier Woods and Paige. Rumors went viral as to why the video was created, who recored it and why was it posted to the internet?

Well, in the interest of cheap website traffic I have the answers and the exclusive video of Xavier Woods and Paige:

  • The video is from Woods’ internet show UPUPDWNDWN
  • It was created by Austin Creed, Woods’ alter ego
  • It was posted for the UPUPDWNDWN’s Superstar Showcase

As you can tell I’m in full troll mode here.  You thought I was posting that video of Paige and Xavier woods? Nah.

Check out the video from Woods’ Youtube channel below:

See what we do for views?

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