WWE’s Titus O’Neil Spoofs Cam Newton’s Frustrated Press Conference [Video]

Updated: October 20, 2016

Everyone knows that the WWE has stopped pushing Titus O’Neil heavily, but the former Prime Time Player has always done his thing inside the world of WWE. Titus was a big reason that the Prime Time Players grew to prominence as a tag team, starring in Youtube clips in which he and Darren Young showed how the Players spent their “millions” of dollars.

Since then, Titus has rebranded as a heel (bad guy) and is doing a new gimmick which is a throwback to his days as a football player. Titus has held press conferences for the last few weeks after his losses in which only one person attends: WWE’s Tom Phillips.

This week’s press conference was hilarious as Titus did his own version of Cam Newton’s latest press conference complete with hat and all:

The Titus Brand is quietly becoming one of the most entertaining things in the entire WWE.