Latest 2016 Mock Draft: Los Angeles Rams #1

Updated: April 15, 2016

The Rams have made the move of the draft and decided to jump up to #1 overall. They paid the Titans two firsts, two seconds, and a third rounder for the opportunity for the number one pick.

So what will Jeff Fisher and the LA Rams do? We don’t know until the names are called, but all reports point to Carson Wentz of Northern Dakota. Yes, you read that right.

How will this affect the rest of the draft? Thankfully we have the draft community for that. RGG (Rgriffgiants) has blessed us with his brand new projection.

Check out his new 2016 mock draft with the Rams #1:

1. Rams: Carson Wentz QB North Dakota

With the trade with the Titans, the Rams have made it obvious a QB is going 1st. Sources have been saying Wentz is their guy and I believe so. He has pro bowl potential and could be the final piece the Rams need for a playoff run

2. Browns: Jared Goff QB California

With Wentz off the board, the Browns realize that they have to get a QB early if they want one. Goff is the perfect guy here where he can sit behind RG3 for a year then step in when he either loses his job due to bad play or maybe a trade if he preforms like the old RG3

3. Chargers: Laremy Tunsil OT Ole Miss

San Diego is thanking the Rams cause their move guarantees them one of two players they want in Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey. LaremyTunsil has All-Pro potential at tackle and can be the life saver Philip Rivers needs in the waning stage of his career. Ramsey is an amazing prospect but you have to help Rivers while he is still with you.

4. Cowboys: Joey Bosa DE Ohio State

This is a crazy Jerry move as he passes on Jalen Ramsey to get his guy in Joey Bosa to rush the passer for the next decade for the cowboys. This will have the analysts shaking their heads but I think Bosa will go here due to the need and the desire of him from the front office.

5. Jaguars: Jalen Ramsey S Florida State

Remember when Leonard Williams was thought as the best overall prospect in last year’s draft and slid to 6th? The same situation will apply here to Ramsey with his talent obvious there is still a question whether he will play corner or safety in the NFL. The jags can use either one, so this pick will be an easy one for a now scary looking team.

6. Ravens: Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State

You have two defensive building blocks in Buckner and Jack, but the fact that Zeke Elliot has superstar potential has the Ravens licking their lips to finally get a long term replacement for Ray Rice in the backfield.

7. 49ers: DeForest Buckner DE Oregon

Jack will be tempting here for the 49ers or possibly a trade back for a receiver, but Buckner will be a solid addition to the 49ers, plus the whole Chip Kelly connection thing makes sense here. The front of Buckner, Arik Armstead, and Ian Williams suddenly has turned into a nice young unit.

8. Eagles: Vernon Hargreaves III CB Florida

Who exactly is playing corner for the Eagles this season? Maxwell proved he’s a good 2 and not a one and Hargreaves has shown on tape he has lockdown ability as a corner during his time at Florida. This addition gives them now two young corners to develop together in Hargreaves and last year’s second round pick Eric Rowe.

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