Trump Supporter Gets Punched in Chicago [Video]

Updated: March 12, 2016

I’m going to keep it 1000% real. The 2016 Presidential Election really doesn’t interest me. Initially I supported a candidate but after that person fell behind in the polls I haven’t found a candidate between the ones that are left to care about.

Your life won’t get better because this one or that one is in office. This race is really about a few policies here and there and federal income taxes. Everything else is show.

The ringmaster of this show is one Mr. Donald J. Trump who literally says whatever people want to hear at his rallies. Rallies that have become dangerously more violent after certain extremists have pledged their support to Trump.

Not only will Trump not speak out against the extremists (he accepted an endorsement from the clan) but his campaign doesn’t mind that all across the country peaceful people get assaulted at his rallies.

Well, finally people have decided to say forget it and fight back if their peaceful anti-Trump demonstrations are going to be met with violence.

Check out the video below where Chicago protestors got physical with the Trump supporters:

There is an old saying and it goes something like this, “You got to bring @$$ to kick @$$, but sometimes your @$$ is the one that gets kicked.”