10 WWE Photos That Would’ve Shocked You 5 Years Ago

Updated: March 18, 2016

As with life the world of wrestling changes, things change, and situations grow into new situations. It is always fun to look back at these current situations and see how they changed as to the landscape of wrestling just five summers ago.

Who would have thought that the Rock would have came back to WWE and wrestle several matches? Dwayne was even the one to take the belt off CM Punk after his 400 plus day reign, which no one saw coming at all.

What other things that have happened are completely shocking?

Well, we compiled a fun list of such things that shocked us:

1. Brock Lesnar Returns

Who would have thought that after holding the UFC title Brock Lesnar would come home to WWE? Years later we are all chanting suplex city and watching Mr. Lesnar mow through the roster. We all wanted to see someone finally destroy John Cena and are happy Brock Lesnar came back to grant our wishes.


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