Tampa Police Refuse to Work Beyonce’ Concert Due to Super Bowl Song

Updated: February 19, 2016

Again, I’m trying to figure out who these police exactly are afraid of. You have the gun, badge, and entire legal system behind you. You have a swat team available on a moments’ notice. Why would little ol’ Beyonce and a bunch of teen girls doing the #Formation dance bother you?

It seems like cops in Tampa are so bothered they are refusing to provide security for Beyonce’s upcoming concert:

In all seriousness this is more grandstanding about nothing. Cops will provide security for the Klan and any other random group that wants to assemble. I’m pretty sure Beyonce’ doesn’t hate cops and her money spends just like the state’s money.

Let me be on that force, I’m getting that money. My personal feelings about the Formation video and Super Bowl 50 performance can wait.

The full Formation video below:

Beyoncé's 'Formation' music video, annotated by thewashingtonpost