Flashback: Beyonce’s “Anti Police” Super Bowl Performance [Video]

Updated: February 17, 2016

All over the country law enforcement officers are claiming that Beyonce of all people is spreading a new “anti cop” message in the media. Nope, not the eerily consistent killings of unarmed Black American men, women, and children but it’s apparently Beyonce’ thats turned the tide in America.

Last time I checked the #Beyhive wasn’t filled with thugs and goons. So if we are just taking these officer’s words at face value they are apparently scared of…. random black women who enjoy Beyonce’ and Destiny’s Child?

Utterly hilarious. Needless to say these guys are grasping at straws because the dirt is in the limelight. You would think its time for them to address the real issue here in the guys who are way too quick in shooting these unarmed people. I guess it is easier to blame Beyonce, #BLM, and all the people peacefully marching out here.

Let’s run back Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance just to make them mad.

#They don’t want you to watch Beyonce’s performance so click below:

Beyonce & Bruno Mars – Formation Super Bowl… by e-mob