Brett Hundley’s Camp Demands to Meet Beyonce Along with Jay-Z

Updated: December 14, 2013
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Brett Hundley is currently in the process of deciding whether he will declare for the NFL or not. A projected top 5 pick, he is garnering a lot of attention from scouts, teams, and agents alike. One such agent is none other than Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z and his Roc Sports Outfit.

There is one tiny problem though. Brett Hundley’s dad is trying to meet Beyonce!

“If I’m going to go talk to JAY Z, I want Beyonce in the room,” Hundley’s father, Brett Hundley Sr., joked in an interview with the Orange County Register. “It won’t be a secret deal.”

Hundley might be a superstar one day, so it might be worth it for Mr. Carter to sign him to ROC Sports. We’ll see.

Written by D. Wash

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