Why Eddie Griffin Claims the Illuminati Set Up Bill Cosby

Updated: January 20, 2016

As we all know by now, America’s former “Dad” Bill Cosby is facing a multitude of charges in which women are accusing him of some pretty heinous crimes. Allegedly these crimes all happened some 30-odd years ago and the women are just now coming forward to bring “Cliff Huxtable” to justice.

We all have our opinions on the matter and I’m not going to rehash anything that’s been explained 1000 times. Some of these accusers have very shaky backgrounds and as of today at least one has had her case thrown out completely. Bill was still charged in Philadephia on counts of sexual assault that allegedly happened in 2004.

We’ll see how it all plays out in the courts of law. Hopefully Bill’s legacy isn’t diminished too badly if he is in fact not guilty of the degree or quantity of charges that are on the table.

Anyways, comedian Eddie Griffin sat down with VLADTV and gave his thoughts on the matter. He alluded to the fact that black entertainers do not get to get out of the entertainment business with a clean record. Is there a real “Illuminati” working to destroy the black man? Or is this just a theory? Do you think these comments are fact or fiction?

Check out a segment from the This is Ruck & Dwash Podcast in which we break down Eddie Griffin’s thoughts on Bill Cosby:

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