MDHQ’s Top 10 Pro Wrestlers of All Time

Updated: December 24, 2015

Since everyone else is randomly throwing out their top 10 wrestlers of all time lists, I decided why not do one myself? Now note that this is of ALL THE TIMES and not current. I enjoy newer talent such as The New Day, Luke Harper, Cesaro, Kalisto and Daniel Bryan as far as the current roster goes. However that’s a different article for a different day.

Please also note that this list takes in consideration of the impact the character had on his era. That means that the best in-ring performer of that time may not have made it simply due to another guy playing a stronger, more believable character.

And also note that this is MY list and if you disagree you can write your own!

Without further adieu here are my top 10 wrestlers of all time:

#10. Scott Steiner
scott steiner
“Holla if ya hear me!”

Poppa Pump is one of the funniest unintentionally funny heel characters of all time. He was over from the moment he clubbed his brother in the back with a forearm and went to the NWO and the rest is history. Always one to take himself too serious, Steiner did it in a way that made it clear he’d kick your a** if you thought about laughing.

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