WWE to Crown a Surprise Champion at Survivor Series?

Updated: November 7, 2015

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins tore his ACL during a live event in Dublin, Ireland. Needless to say that this is a horrible time for WWE to lose their #1 guy just a few days away from Survivor Series.

We wish Seth a speedy recovery but one has to wonder could this be a blessing in surprise for WWE? For a company that has a history of investing everything into one person (Cena and Brock before Rollins) they now have to abort this way of thinking and rebook the next six months on the fly.

So with Rollins out, who should be the new WWE Heavyweight Champion?

Hopefully WWE doesn’t do the obvious thing and slide Roman Reigns the belt at Survivor Series because some of the other options are interesting:

Bray Wyatt

The problem with Bray Wyatt is that he doesn’t win feuds. A character that is supposed to be scary should be an @ss kicker, not the one who gets his @ss kicked! Bray with the belt allows for the Wyatts to run rampant with power, but again, the guy doesn’t win feuds so will the audience buy it?


The man once known as Antonio Cesaro is arguably the best pound for pound sports entertainer in the business. However, the audience just doesn’t connect with him. He can’t cut a promo so he would need a manager and no one on the roster makes sense for that role.


Now that he is back with Lana, WWE has a chance to do something huge with Rusev. Capturing some WWE gold should definitely be the next direction for this character but again… WWE has already made him look too weak. For Rusev to be the champion he would have to go on another monster run, and start soon. Lana is injured so this probably won’t be happening.


No. Just no. Outside of telling the man he looks stupid, does the audience care about Sheamus? Sadly he has the MITB briefcase and is a real like HHH buddy so it’s likely WWE hotshots Sheamus to the top of the mountain. Don’t forget he will be in TMNT 2 and Vince loves his crossover stars…

Kevin Owens

Simply put, Owens already has achieved enough for one year. A WWE title while still holding the IC title would elevate Owens the fastest anyone has in modern day WWE history.

John Cena

DU DUDDA DUUUUU! Haven’t we seen enough of this? Cena is the WWE’s answer to all problems but a decade plus later we are all tired of him. Let John film his TV projects so the audience can get a chance to miss him.

Dean Ambrose

Ambrose’s character has done nothing for a year other than stalk Seth Rollins and tag with Roman Reigns. Winning the WWE title does nothing to change the fact his character is boring and going nowhere fast. A story with Owens or Ziggler makes more sense at this point. Ambrose needs some depth to him.

….and my personal choice if the WWE is going to pull a non-Reigns swerve…


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