Is Amari Cooper as Special as Advertised?

Updated: December 16, 2014

As you know, I am currently answering questions from Twitter regarding the 2015 NFL Draft class. I appreciate the opportunity to answer these questions for everyone here on MDHQ. Today’s question is one of the wide receiver variation:

is Amari Cooper as special as advertised? Do you believe he can impact a game like AJ/Julio/Calvin/Demaryius/Dez? -bariiisworld13 (Twitter)

To answer the question simply: no. I know we are all excited over Cooper’s last few games but we have to remember this was against an Auburn team that simply refused to adjust their scheme. Not to say he isn’t a special talent, but he isn’t in that ELITE class you mentioned.

Calvin Johnson has physical tools that isn’t regularly duplicated at the position. Demariyus Thomas and Dez Bryant are also bigger more physical players who play as much at the line of scrimmage than they do down-field. Cooper is only 6-1 210 so he’s solid but not a genetic freak. I cannot really compare Cooper to AJ Green because Green has Moss-like leaping and catching ability that sets him apart from the rest of the group.

Julio Jones is a slightly bigger and more physical player (6-3 220+) and hence he gets injured often. They are comparable in their games but I’d hesitate to make a lazy Alabama-to-Alabama comparison.

When I watch Amari Cooper I see an injury-free version of Jeremy Maclin. Both are smooth route runners who don’t drop a lot of passes (what’s up Demariyus and Julio) and they have the speed to legitimately command safety help at all times.

I currently have Cooper projected as a top 5-6 pick so he’s still a guy you want on your squad even minus the physical tools.

Thanks for the question: