Jameis Winston Runs From Interview After Sexual Assault Questions

Updated: December 8, 2013

Jameis Winston and Florida State are headed to the BCS National Championship game. In an onfield interview with Heather Cox, Winston was upbeat praising his coaches until she hit a nerve about his silence regarding the sexual assault investigation.

Does an innocent man doesn’t act like this? Big time concerns for an NFL franchise in my opinion.

Remember all the character issue concerns with Cam Newton allegedly cashing a few checks? Jameis isn’t even feeling the media fire and is reacting like this. He likely won’t ever really feel that media flame. For some reason ESPN has decided to not pursue this story as intently as the Newton story. Winning is the best media protection.

One Comment

  1. Chris

    December 9, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Ran away? Hardly. The guy answered 3 straight questions from her about the alleged assault and finally had enough. They just won the conference and assured their place the BCS Championship game; why the heck would he sit there and answer questions about something that is “behind” him now instead of celebrating with his team? Another d-bag writer trying to make something out of nothing. BTW I am not a FSU fan just a pragmatist that can’t stand hack writers.