Mike Glennon Struggles in Music City Bowl. Draft Stock Killed?

Updated: December 31, 2012

glennonJust a few days ago we were talking about Geno Smith struggling in the Pinstripe Bowl. As I type this, NC State QB Mike Glennon has already thrown three interceptions against a Vanderbilt team that only picked the ball five times…. all year!

Now to his credit, no one was calling him a first round quarterback before ESPN suddenly starting driving the dialogue for it to happen. But if you’re being labeled as a first rounder, you better play like one.

ESPN is still driving the “Geno Smith MIGHT be a first rounder” dialogue when on every 2013 Mock Draft on planet earth, he is the #1 pick. But if they think Glennon has it… I hope we see it soon.

Im not writing this to rag on Glennon. I’m just trying to show you the large picture.

Never forget: “The draft is not always about the better player.”

BTW, before I can post this Glenon’s bobbled a snap and got sacked…

Written by D. Wash

Founder, MockDraftHQ.com (2006). Denver Broncos, Charlotte Bobcats fan. Fan of football, technology, and battle rap. Shannon Sharpe is the greatest. Everything else is debatable.

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