Mike Glennon Struggles in Music City Bowl. Draft Stock Killed?

Updated: December 31, 2012

glennonJust a few days ago we were talking about Geno Smith struggling in the Pinstripe Bowl. As I type this, NC State QB Mike Glennon has already thrown three interceptions against a Vanderbilt team that only picked the ball five times…. all year!

Now to his credit, no one was calling him a first round quarterback before ESPN suddenly starting driving the dialogue for it to happen. But if you’re being labeled as a first rounder, you better play like one.

ESPN is still driving the “Geno Smith MIGHT be a first rounder” dialogue when on every 2013 Mock Draft on planet earth, he is the #1 pick. But if they think Glennon has it… I hope we see it soon.

Im not writing this to rag on Glennon. I’m just trying to show you the large picture.

Never forget: “The draft is not always about the better player.”

BTW, before I can post this Glenon’s bobbled a snap and got sacked…