Geno Smith Struggles in Pinstripe Bowl, Draft Stock Killed?

Updated: December 30, 2012

genoIt’s one game people.

That’s what I would tell everyone snatching Geno Smith down their NFL Draft boards. It’s just one game.

In a muddy, snowy, mess of a game versus Syracuse Geno and his Mountaineers struggled to put on one of their signature offensive displays. Geno’s stat line was still respectable going 16-24 for 187 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

However many “analysts” are saying that since Syracuse has Geno’s number, and he struggled in a muddy meaningless bowl game he shouldn’t even be a first round pick.

Especially ESPN Analyst Todd McShay.

In a recorded segment McShay said that Geno “may be a first rounder” and that there are only two quarterbacks that would go in the first round. Of course right on cue ESPN rolled clips of Mike Glennon. Glennon’s first round hype is being mainly driven by McShay himself, but we’ve seen this before.

All I have to do is show you the 2011 NFL Draft where McShay suddenly decided to start ranking Blaine Gabbert as high as the #3 overall pick seemingly out of the blue.

McShay even famously said that Gabbert was the best QB in 2011, once again seemingly out of the blue.

This is what I mean when I tell you the draft is not always about the better player. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes which elevate guys. McShay is clearly driving the “Geno Smith isn’t a first rounder, but Mike Glennon is” narrative for whatever rea$on. Don’t let them fool you.

The 2013 NFL Draft class may not have a hands down superstar at quarterback but there is talent there. Years like this are when we seem to get the Drew Brees’ type guys. Who remembers how weak that draft class was at QB?

Scouts jobs are to find those diamonds in the rough. Whether it is actually Glennon or Geno, or someone else.