2013 NFL Mock Draft: November 12th Edition

Updated: November 12, 2012

Another week is down in the NFL and college football. A lot has happened in just one week between doing these mock drafts. For one, we saw the mighty Alabama get beat by a freshman Quarterback and Texas A&M (I thought this Bama team could beat pro teams?)

For the most part this draft isn’t going to shock the world. A few picks are different than what you expect but nothing is too radical. I have inserted Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher in the first round finally and slid West Virgina’s Tavon Austin back into the first.

I know what the big question is… has Geno Smith moved past Matt Barkley yet? We’ll you’ll have to read below to find out.

Draft Below:

1. Chiefs: Barkley, Matt QB USC
Of course I still have Barkley #1. Yes, there are several reports saying that “scouts” don’t like his arm strength and lack of movement from the pocket but until we are deeper in the draft process I doubt it will hurt Barkley. Now if he has some terrible workouts, etc. he will drop.

2. Jaguars: Smith, Geno QB West Virginia
Geno stays second, still going to Florida. Blaine Gabbert once again didn’t set the world on fire but he didn’t look terrible either. The fact that he got injured and didn’t finish the game probably doesn’t bode well to knock that “he isn’t tough” label though.

3. Browns: Jones, Jarvis OLB Georgia
Jones is a great linebacker and Cleveland would really luck up to add him and get Phil Taylor back 100% next year.

4. Panthers: Lotulelei, Star DT Utah
Carolina has lost another game… this time to the Broncos who had about six sacks on Cam Newton. I know everyone wants to claim Cam is a bust right now but I think it has more to do with coaching. The talent is there on this team, it just isn’t being used. Charles Johnson is one of the highest paid defenders in the league. Might as well take some pressure off him with a nasty DT and let him do his work… right?

5. Bills: Bray, Tyler QB Tennessee
No Tyler Wilson here… nothing has changed. The more I watch Bray and Wilson the more the gap widens in my mind. I just do not see Wilson making the types of throws Bray makes routinely. Wilson has talent but top 10 overall talent? That’s pushing it for Bray as well, but Bray has the arm talent to justify this. Bye Fitzpatrick.

6. Eagles: Joeckel, Luke OT Texas AM
Joeckel was putting in work in the Alabama game. He cemented his 2013 NFL Draft top 10 selection in my mind. It just comes down to what team? I think we all are tired of watching what the Eagles are calling an offensive line every Sunday. No offense but Andy Reid you got to go, and take some of those linemen with you.

7. Rams: Lewan, Taylor OT Michigan
I decided to put Lewan back high in the draft. Offensive tackles are hard to come by and none with his level of talent will last later. The Rams have to be tired of seeing Sam Bradford get hit by now.

Note: I don’t think Bradford is actually a bust… but was he worth that record contract?

8. Jets: Mingo, Barkevious OLB LSU
In another draft Mingo could probably go first. But like I always say, potential is the scariest word when doing this. The Jets don’t care though. This whole organization has the mentality of a gambling addict on a blackjack table with his last dollar.

9. Rams: Hunter, Justin WR Tennessee
After getting someone to block for Bradford it is time to get someone who can catch the ball. Amendola is good but he lacks the size to be a legit #1 guy. That is why they must draft Hunter if they can.

10. Raiders: Hankins, Johnathan DT Ohio State
If Tommy Kelly doesn’t get cut I will be surprised. He has a gigantic contact with non-gigantic levels of production. It may be time to replace him with a cap friendly rookie.

11. Bengals: Teo, Manti ILB Notre Dame
If the Bengals can grab Teo, they simply must. This guy has changed life for his college program while playing through incredible personal tragedy. You don’t think the Bengals could not use a guy like this?

12. Chargers: Milliner, Demarcus CB Alabama
The Chargers corners are getting up there in age. Jammer is still playing but he isn’t a spring chicken. Milliner would be a nice replacement if they can afford to use this pick on him. Don’t be surprised if they select some offensive player here as well.

13. Dolphins: Allen, Keenan WR UCLA
Tannehill looks pretty legit throwing to Brian Hartline… well I thought I’d never type something like that. Regardless, another WR on the other side is going to only help Tannehill and Reggie Bush cash in on this offense’s potential to be great.

14. Saints: Werner, Bjoern DE Florida State
Team Bountygate will still be deep into court cases by the time the draft rolls around but at least they are getting Payton back. And he has had to watch this “defense” from the comfort of his own home, disgusted.

15. Titans: Montgomery, Sam DE LSU
This defense is missing that nonstop pass rusher they lost in Jevon Kearse and more recently the 2008 version of Albert Haynesworth. In a division with Andrew Luck twice a year for the next 15 years… that isn’t good.

16. Cardinals: Fisher, Eric OT Central Michigan
Kevin Kolb has proven to be a guy that cannot take a lot of hits. So keep his jersey clean with some young offensive tackles who can get the job done.

17. Lions: Rhodes, Xavier CB Florida State
Alphonso Smith starts games for this team. In 2012.

18. Buccaneers: Amerson, David CB N.C. State
Now that Ronde Barber is a safety and Talib is a Patriot I don’t see how you can think this pick will not be some corner.

19. Vikings: Williams, Sylvester DT North Carolina
Kevin Williams is on his way out. But before his last season wouldn’t it be cool to revive the WILLIAMS WALL?

20. Colts: Jenkins, John DT Georgia
The Colts could use a NT for their new 3-4 front.

21. Giants: Warmack, Chance OG Alabama
What’s up with Eli? Bad Eli is rearing his head once again but Giants fans have to be used to his down games by now. As they move forward, stocking the offensive line is going to be a point of emphasis.

22. Seahawks: Woods, Robert WR USC
Last draft I dropped Kennan Allen down here, but now it’s Woods. I think Allen will be fine by draft time and test well. It’s Woods who bothers most in the draft community. Is he going to dominate on a pro level the same way he did in the Pac 12 with no Marquese Lee?

23. Cowboys: Jordan, Dion DE Oregon
This just seems like a Jerry Jones pick. Everyone wants him to step down but Jerry is actually a damn good drafter. He just needs to stop picking his own coaches.

Dion Jordan would be a great pick to fill in if Spencer isn’t extended or even to rotate along with him. This pick is a win-win.

24. Steelers: Ogletree, Alec ILB Georgia
They could go for a back here, but who is really worth this selection? You could argue Levon Bell, maybe. Pittsburgh wanted to solidify their linebackers last draft and missed out on getting a top inside linebacker to take over for Larry Foote. This is the year they get it done.

25. Patriots: Williams, Terrance WR Baylor
How many games is Tom Brady going to like throwing bombs to Brandon Lloyd just so he can drop them? How long is this team going to avoid paying Wes Welker? Who takes Deion Branch seriously as a starter in 2012 and beyond? Lots of questions that can be answered by drafting a receiver.

26. Packers: Eifert, Tyler TE Notre Dame
Jermichael Finley is underwhelming fans and most likely management as well. If they choose to move on Tom Crabtree would be the only other option unless they sign someone in free agency.

27. 49ers: Reid, Eric S LSU
This defense is strong but if there is going to be a weak spot in the near future, you have to think it is going to be at safety. Donte Whitner is serviceable right now… but for how much longer?

28. Broncos: Mosley, CJ ILB Alabama
Keith Brooking is seriously starting games for the Broncos in 2012! I did not make this up! With DJ Williams suspended and Nate Irving getting all of his burn on special teams there is a serious hole in the center of this defense. Would John Fox choose to draft a middle linebacker he can depend on? Of course.

29. Ravens: Jones, Barrett OG Alabama
This just seems like a Ozzie pick. After CJ Mosley is snatched off the board just one pick ahead they will probably (A)trade out so someone can come get Tyler Wilson here or (B) Draft the BPA (Best Player Available)

30. Bears: Short, Kawann DT Purdue
The Bears brought back Okoye after trading him. That probably means they want to find a tackle better than him, but just couldnt acquire one last season. That’s okay because in my 2013 NFL mock draft Kawann Short falls right into Lovie’s waiting arms.

31. Falcons: Moore, Damontre DE Texas AM
Ray Edwards is not about that sack life… 9 tackles 0 sacks in 2012…

32. Texans: Austin, Tavon WR West Virginia
Every weekend Tavon seems to take a short pass to the house off his skills as a runner after the catch. This offense really only has one “anytime” player anymore and that’s Foster. Tavon will put some pressure on defenses from the outside while they still have to shade Andre Johnson.