Geno Smith Struggles vs. Texas Tech, Still #2 QB in 2013

Updated: October 15, 2012

You would not believe the amount of emails, tweets, texts, etc. I got the minute West Virginia fell to Texas Tech on Saturday. Most read something like this:

“your boy Geno is done”

“Geno got exposed”

“Geno still top 5 NFL Draft?!”

..all because he failed to lead a West Virginia team that cannot stop anyone on defense to another high-scoring win. The thing is when you play the air raid style of ball you are most likely to lose to another air raid team. How ironic right?

When your drives last less than three real time minutes and your defense isn’t getting any stops you are going to eventually get outgunned. It is just a fact of playing that style of ball.

Now, Geno did struggle but it is one game people. One game! He still put together a decent stat line of 275 yards and no interceptions. Texas Tech put up 49 points on a leaky WVU defense and made it look easy. Geno and crew basically had this whooping coming down the pipe eventually due to running the air raid with such a leaky defense and it just happened to happen on Saturday. No reason to panic about Geno’s NFL Draft stock.