Thoughts on the Cam Newton Investigation

Updated: November 13, 2010

I have refrained from blogging futher on the Cam Newton situation.  Yes, it is the hottest subject in college football right now.  Yes, it has Heisman, National Championship, and NFL Draft implications.  Yes, it is important.  However this is not a gossip site, and I am not in the business of making up “facts” before they come out.

Cam Newton is currently under an investigation regarding his recruitment to Auburn from Junior college.  That is all we know right now.  So far a family friend/associate has claimed that he brokered some sort of financial deal between the Newton’s and Mississippi State and Auburn.

All I an say to everyone blogging, reporting, and regurgitating everything they hear is to hold of on passing judgment unless we know all the facts.  You are no better than these agents allegedly paying players if you are going to accuse innocent students of taking benefits without any concrete proof.

If I were a Heisman voter there is no doubt that I would STILL vote for Cam Newton and I would not even hesitate.  Anything that is going to come out is going to play itself out further down the line.  If the NCAA and Heisman trust have to go the Reggie Bush route and vacate wins and trophies then they will do that… ONCE ALL THE FACTS ARE OUT.

Until there is a phone record, wire transaction, or confession that implicates Cam Newton has done the things he is accused of then they are just that… accusations.  Let’s try to avoid throwing stones in glass houses sports media.