Nick Fairley Shows Us What Class Is

Updated: November 16, 2010

If you are a college football fan, you probably checked out the Auburn Georgia game this past weekend.  There were a lot of storylines playing themselves out in that game.  Mainly, everyone wanted to know how Cam Newton would respond to the allegations that are surrounding him.

Well short story short, Cam Newton played a flawless game and Georgia eventually could no longer keep up with Auburn.  That would of been a nice story if it wasn’t for Nick Fairley.

I don’t want to paint this young man as anything he is not, but I can only judge from what happened on the field.  On at least three separate occasions Fairley hit Georgia’s quarterback late and was not penalized for it.

The third time Fairley repeated his “I was blocked into the QB” routine he lunged his head at the back of Aaron Murray’s knee and looked to severely injure him.  The bulldogs then responded with a designed play to take down Fairley and a near riot almost ensued after that.  Three Auburn Tigers were ejected for throwing punches.

This is what happens when A) coaches coach dirty habits like hitting defenseless players and B) the refs do not penalize such hits.  Nick Fairley and his Auburn coaches surely showed us what class is last weekend.

It just makes me think… if they would allow Fairley to break the rules on the field, then what about the off the field allegations about Cam Newton?

Just something to think about.