Scouting Report: Andrew Luck Vs. Oregon

Updated: October 4, 2010

Andrew Luck and The Cardinal fell to #3 Oregon this weekend.  For many it was their first look at the likely #1 overall selection.

Luck looked well early on in the game, hitting receivers with ease and getting the ball out very quickly.  There were also a few plays where Andrew ran on a designed run and showed the ability to get some decent yards.  All in all, he showed great athleticism.

In the second half things started to go downhill for Luck.  He forced a few balls into double coverage which resulted in a few interceptions.  He really seemed flustered by Oregon’s adjustments in the second half.  Plays like this show his youth, but as I stated before he seems like the real deal as far as mechanics go.

Andrew Luck will likely be the #1 or #2 selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.  He and Ryan Mallet have undoubtedly passed Jake Locker as the top quarterbacks and are not looking back.