2011 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

Updated: October 7, 2010

So here are my first quarterback rankings of the season.  We have played about a third of the season so far so let’s rack ’em up and see how they are doing.

Now keep in mind that there is a lot of football left to be played. A lot of these guys could end up completely shattering expectations, or fizzing out the rest of the way. But for right now, here is where I have them.

1. Ryan Mallett – QB Arkansas

Even though he had that bad second half vs. Alabama I still have to rank him #1.  At 6’7 and over 240 lbs. he is the biggest QB prospect since Jamarcus Russell.  I know, not exactly a compliment but Mallett has an NFL arm and is making tough throws right now.  He plays in a pass happy offense so he also throws a lot more picks than you’d like to see but all in all no one in the nation is outplaying Mallett right now.

Yoo! Im going to the 49ers!

2. Andrew Luck- QB Stanford

Andrew Luck was a very interesting prospect going into the season.  I personally wanted to see what he could do without Toby Gerhart behind him.  Well all he did was throw for 1200 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions so far this year with a 62% completion rate.  He struggled in the second half against Oregon and threw two picks during that game, but all in all he has the accuracy and poise you look for in any prospect.

3. (Tie) Christian Ponder- QB Florida State, Jake Locker- QB Washington

I almost don’t want to rank him here because of how slow he started the season.  Needless to say, CP7ForHeisman.com became pretty obselete quickly as Ponder threw for 117 yards and 2 interceptions vs. Oklahoma.  On top of that he had a 39% completion rate in the game. Ouch.  Ponder bounced back with over a 64% completion rate in the next two games.  His stock is still relatively hot because Ponder has all the talent in the world and the mobility to make any NFL team interested.

Then there is Locker, who has all the physical talent in the world but no signature moments or big games to display it so far.  Yes, he beat USC once (this seasons game with USC Washington won as well but Locker was injured) but that has been about it.  He really has not put it all together in a big time passing display.

You also have to go back to the 4/20 completion rate against Nebraska and wonder if Locker is really on the same level passing the ball as the other top prospects.  To this Broncos fan, Jake Locker reminds me all too well of one Jay Cutler.

Nick Foles has a 74% completion rate this season

4. Nick Foles – QB Arizona

Foles is a junior and should stay in school to cement his selection as the first QB taken in 2012.  But if he takes a page from Jevan Snead’s playbook and comes out early, he will find a suitor on day one in the draft.  Foles has thrown for an amazing 74% completion rate so far.  The 6 touchdown to 4 interception rate has to get better though.