GM Draft In Progress

Updated: February 16, 2008

So, every year I participate in the GM Mock Draft. Last year I took control of the Lions and got ridiculed when I dared to take Calvin Johnson #2 overall. Ironic. This year I have the Broncos and this is how the draft is coming so far:

1. Miami Dolphins- FinFan4Life Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
2. St. Louis Rams- NotoriousVesaToskala Chris Long, DE, Virginia
3. Atlanta Falcons- Kleptos18 Jake Long, T, Michigan
4. Oakland Raiders- BIGMAC2570 Glen Dorsey, DT, L.S.U
5. Kansas City Chiefs- Sarlaac Food Ryan Clady, T, Boise St.
6. New York Jets- Rupy017 Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
7. New England Patriots(San Francisco 49ers)- SENSin2007 Keith Rivers, LB, USC
8. Baltimore Ravens- StevB15 Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
9. Cincinatti Bengals- warchant01 Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
10. New Orleans Saints- Kramer26 Kenny Phillips S, Miami
11. Buffalo Bills- JAZAWA1001
12. Denver Broncos- dwash86
13. Carolina Panthers- raltherr
14. Chicago Bears- JAZAWA1001
15. Detroit Lions-Detroit Dogg
16. Arizona Cardinals- Brock__74
17. Minnesota Vikings- littlejacques25
18. Houston Texans- Texan1
19. Philadelphia Eagles- JrFan8813
20. Tampa Bay Bucs- RAIDEN6
21. Washington Redskins- GOSKINS_08
22. Dallas Cowboys (Cleveland Browns)- creeves33
23. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jimmysru
24. Tennessee Titans- Steelerman_86
25. Seattle Seahawks- Go Seahawks
26. Jacksonville Jaguars-MPCanes
27. San Diego Chargers- XSsoCX
28. Dallas Cowboys- creeves33
29. San Francisco 49ers( Indianapolis Colts)- GoNiners
30. Green Bay Packers- Segway1489
31. New York Giants- akaplan2180
32. New England Patriots(Forfeited)-SENSin2007

* Cleveland Browns- Bronx Bombers

Written by D. Wash

Founder, (2006). Denver Broncos fan. I love football, technology, and battle rap. Shannon Sharpe is the greatest. Everything else is debatable.