Entire NFL Protest Against Trump’s Hate & Divide #TakeAKnee

Updated: September 24, 2017

We’ll get to chopping up these college football players in a minute but more pressing news is breaking. As you know by now the NFL players were called sons of bitches by your Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump and threatened with unemployment if they kneeled during the anthem.

So how did they respond? To my surprise, as a unit. Almost the entire NFL black population demonstrated against the hate and bigotry Trump displayed in his Alabama speech.

This is not about the veterans. This is not about America. This is about humanity. This is about powerful men who brag about “grabbing women by the *****” trying to exert their power over another man’s political views.

If the NFL doesn’t want National Anthem protesting they will put it in the rule book like the NBA did. Until that happens it is in these men’s First Amendment rights to demonstrate whatever, whenever they want.