Was there a Cam Newton/Peyton Manning Racial Double Standard? [Podcast]

Updated: March 3, 2016

Super Bowl 50 was a very exciting Super Bowl that featured two of the NFL’s best defenses. The Denver Broncos and their awesome defense eventually overpowered the Carolina Panthers in a game that has people calling them the new 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

It was a feel good moment to see Peyton Manning ride off with his last W, but we couldn’t just have that now could we? Of course not. Between #BlackTwitter blindly supporting Cam to the media covering up Peyton Manning’s alleged sexual assault, there was a ton of controversy off the field.

Cam was vilified for walking off his post game presser which wouldn’t be a big story if it wasn’t for the skeletons buried in Peyton Manning’s closet. Recent stories have suggested a coordinated coverup by the Manning family that lasted Manning’s entire NFL career.

Things couldn’t be that sinister, could it?

Or could it be a old fashioned racial double standard? We have to ask the question.

YA BOY and my brother Will Ruck discussed it on our podcast (PRESS PLAY:)

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