Republican Bill Aims to Take Scholarships from Athletes who Protest

Updated: December 17, 2015

Republican Rick Brattin is working on a new bill in response to the University of Missouri protests. For those who remember, the protests saw student athletes threaten to sit out if the school President did not step down in response to his lack of response to rising racial tensions on campus. On multiple documented occasions were black students targeted and victims of hate crimes and slurs. There was even a thwarted campus shooting in response to the protests as well.

Lawmakers do not care though, in their world players should do as they are told and just shut up.

Remember when the NCAA testified in court and said that athletes are not employees and that playing collegiate sports was simply a privilege and hobby? Well apparently that arrangement is only good enough when these “student athletes” are weight lifting ball playing robots and not real human beings with social consciousness:

As a response to the protest/boycott against former university president Wolfe orchestrated by the black University of Missouri football players, Republican lawmaker Rick Brattin proposed a bill that aims to strip scholarships from college athletes who refuse to play for non-health related issues.

“According to the pre-filed bill, if it is enacted, any “college athlete who calls, incites, supports, or participates in any strike or concerted refusal to play a scheduled game shall have his or her scholarship revoked”. Additionally, the bill continues, “any member of a coaching staff who encourages or enables a college athlete to engage in behavior” prohibited under the bill “shall be fined by his or her institution of employment”.

Bill sponsor state representative Rick Brattin proposed to have legislation enacted by August 2016, prior to the start of next year’s college football season.

The university doesn’t receive state funds to operate athletic programs, according to the University of Missouri’s student-athlete handbook. “[T]hus, similar to private business, the Mizzou Athletics Department must operate solely from what revenue it generates,” the handbook states.”

If this bill passes through Missouri’s House of Representatives and ultimately becomes a law, college athletes will lose their scholarships if they ever go on strike.

I am not going to hold back my opinion here. If you are easily offended please click the X now.


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