[Video] Riley Cooper Makes Racist Remarks

Updated: August 1, 2013

Eagles WR Riley Cooper was at a country music concert in June when he was caught on video dropping some seriously insensitive comments. Cooper said, and I quote “I will jump that fence and fight every n!#$r in here.”

As you can guess, the comment did not go over well with fans. Though the nameless, faceless bigoted internet trolls have rushed to Cooper’s defense there really is no excuse for a grown man to act like this. There is a big difference between using his First Amendment rights and using violent hate speech. Would those same trolls be defending Lesean McCoy’s First Amendment rights if he said he’d jump the fence and fight every [insert slur here]? Of course not. These thinly veiled racist trolls cling onto “Constitutional Rights” only when they conveniently support hateful ideas.

But enough of my spiel on the whole fiasco and the internet backlash, here is the video in question: