Manti Te’o Fake Girlfriend: If He’s Lying How Does That Effect His Draft Stock?

Updated: January 17, 2013

manti teoJust in case you were living under a rock yesterday I’ll run down the story for you. The story of Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend was exposed by the site as being 100% fraudulent. I won’t go into specific details because Deadspin did a far better job than I could ever with their research.

Let’s play a game though. Let’s just pretend that Manti was in on the hoax the entire time.  Notre Dame says Manti is the victim and I am not suggesting that he lied; I’m just playing a little game of make believe. Let’s just pretend that ALLEGEDLY, Manti was in on the whole thing.

In our world of make believe, how would Manti Te’o lying about his fake girlfriend effect his draft status?

The closest thing to this situation would have to be Cam Newton coming out of college and the ALLEGED $100,000 reasons he chose to attend the University of Auburn.  Cam never strayed away from his eccentric personality and let the story play itself out.  He still went #1 overall in the draft.

For those wondering, yes I personally believe that something is fishy with this entire story but it won’t effect Manti’s draft status.  The NFL has let cocaine dealers, ALLEGED murderers, deadbeat Dad’s and worse in their league.  A guy who may have ALLEGEDLY made up an internet girlfriend to get some Heisman votes is nothing compared to some of those more despicable actions.  If anything teams should ask Mr. Te’o about those six tackles he missed in the championship game more than anything else.