Cold World: Vince Young’s Possessions to Be Auctioned

Updated: July 27, 2013

This should be a wake up call to young athletes (no pun). Don’t overextend yourselves just because you have a little money today. Or as my father once told me, “every man is one day away from going broke.”

Vince Young has learned this the hard way. Due to taking out a loan he could not pay once the NFL deemed him unworthy of a contract, all of Vince’s stuff will be auctioned off shortly down in Texas.

Cold world.

Young took out a $1.9 million loan during the 2011 lockout from Pro Player Funding of New York. However, he defaulted on that loan, and the next summer, Pro Player obtained a $1.69 million judgment against him. Attorneys for Pro Player called the inventory and sale of Young’s possessions a last resort, according to local Houston news station KHOU. Young would be able to keep $60,000 in personal possessions, but the remainder of his furniture, artwork, memorabilia and other possessions would go on the auction block.