Scouts Looking for Athletic Quaterbacks at the 2013 NFL Combine

Updated: February 14, 2013

griffin-iii-robertWith the recent success of the pistol offense, teams looking towards the future are changing the way they evaluate the position. As the pistol and spread option gain hold in the league, teams are now paying far more attention to the athletic abilities of a passer than ever.

Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick all ran some form of the pistol within their offenses and all lead their teams into the playoffs. Either the league is truly changing or this is just another fad offense like the wildcat that will be gone within five years. Of course no one has the answer to that today, but that is not going to stop teams from evaluating the position from that angle.

According to PFT the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle run, 60-yard shuttle run, and the three-cone drill will be the drills to keep an eye on. There really isn’t a super athletic quarterback on Robert Griffin III’s level in this class but out of who’s there Ryan Nassib and EJ Manuel appear to have the most mobility. We’ll see who turns out to be the most athletic at the combine in two weeks.