Oh No: Cam Newton Subject of NCAA Probe

Updated: November 5, 2010

The Auburn Tigers are standing tall at #2 in the Nation but a little trouble may be coming their way.  According to several reports, Auburn’s QB Cam Newton may have been the subject of a NCAA violation.

According to sources, an affiliate of the Newton family offered Mississippi State a commitment from Cam Newton in exchange for $100,000.  It is unclear if a money exchange happened or not in the decision of Cam to play for Auburn.  Although the full details have not come out yet, it seems as if from my untrained eye that Newton actually had no hand in any of the deals that were discussed.

Bloggers and writers are saying that Newton has “Reggie Bushed” himself out of winning the Heisman.  That is absurd.  If he didn’t get any money and did not knowingly assist someone in profiting off his name, then what has he done wrong?

The NCAA has a serious problem here.  They want the athletes to be pure and committed like their forefathers of the 40’s and 50’s but we don’t live in that era anymore.  Agents exist. Billion dollar television contracts exist.  Million dollar merchandise sales exist.  Parents who accept hundred thousand dollar gifts and homes exist. Boosters exist.

It’s time for the NCAA to reassess what they are going to do about these issues, or they will just continue to come up.