The Struggle: Vince Young Looking For a Shot in the NFL

Updated: December 6, 2012

It seems like just yesterday I was watching the 2006 BCS Championship with my jaw dropped as Vince Young took a USC team stocked full of then NFL talent and made them look like a pee wee squad. If you are young and have never seen that game, please do yourself a favor and find it on Youtube or buy the DVD. You’ll see what I am talking about. VY was just the man.

Then… Vince was drafted #3 behind Mario Williams & Reggie Bush (Texans fans thirsted for Young) and was supposed to take the league by storm. It just never happened. Young was able to win games by freelancing but couldn’t pass well enough in the confines of an NFL offense to be a legit starter. He’s bounced around as a backup and now wants one more shot to get back in the league:

Young, who has been a free agent since the Bills cut him during the preseason, said in an interview with ESPN for Sunday’s Outside the Lines that he just wants some team to consider him, and any team that does will find out that he’s willing to put in all the necessary work.

“I made some mistakes. And when you have the type of mistakes that I have, being quarterback in the NFL, it can ruin your career. So right now, I’m trying to fight hard to give it another go, another shot,” Young said.

What do you guys think? Can Vince make it back or is it over?

On a side note…. where is David Garrard?