Denard Robinson to be Drafted as… a Cornerback?

Updated: December 25, 2012

denard robinsonMichigan QB Denard Robinson was one of the most exciting players in the Nation during his tenure as the Wolverines Quarterback. While his passing was never the strong suit of his game, everyone can agree that he is an extremely talented runner and possesses rare speed.

In an article last year, I compared him to Chris Johnson and predicted he would be a kick returner/WR developmental player on the next level.

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Well, one NFL Ex-GM is making news saying that not only would he not draft Robinson as a Quarterback, but that he would remove him from offense completely!

“I’d draft him to be a cornerback,” Brandt said. “A quarterback never wants to be told he’s going to have to play another position, but I don’t think he can play quarterback in the NFL. I do know teams are always looking for cornerbacks, and I think Robinson could do it because of his quickness and speed. But he’d have to want to do it to make it work.”

This is a joke right? As the article over at BSO said, this is just like Jamie Foxx/Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday. One of his coaches moved him to defense because he had quick feet and Willie messed his shoulder up tackling 220 pound running backs. This sounds like a horrible idea, with all due respect just let Denard run the ball.


  1. Joe

    December 27, 2012 at 1:47 am

    I’ve heard crazier ideas: like Tebow playing QB. Hey-oh!

    College kids now are more pure athletes than a position. I wouldn’t have a problem drafting Robinson in the late-late rounds as a prospective CB. Designated DB/KR/PR type of guy. Dime situations, etc. Look how well Tannehill is performing as a QB only after a year at the collegiate level. Playing Robinson as a DB gives him a unique perspective: he understands tendencies, route-trees, and tale-signs WR give out during pre-snap reads. No problemo, bro. Brad Smith has had a successful career transitioning from a QB to WR/KR/Wild Cat/QB/All Around Stud. Sames goes for Sherman in Seattle, Robinson in San Fran, Solder in NE, Will Smith in MiB3, Sin Soo-Choo as a RF, etc.

    BtW: Choo sucks. As does Smith, as a person. As an actor, I love him…. Deeply and Softly.

    – a CHIEFS FAN –

  2. Me

    December 28, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Denard will never be a qb in the NFL because he never should have been one at Michigan. That said. Who gives a fck! Get the sob off my wolverines team so I can get Devin Gardner the reps he deserves.