Good Police Alert: Denard Robinson’s Life Saved After Crashing in Pond

Updated: July 20, 2016

We talk a lot about the racial injustice going on in this country right now, but it is important to highlight when the police save lives and not take them. Just because a few cops go too far doesn’t mean there aren’t cops out there that value black lives. Even if they cannot say it publicly, we know they exist and we do appreciate them.

You know who else appreciates them? Jaguars RB Denard Robinson.

Denard’s life was saved after a cop literally pulled him and his girl from a sinking car:

“The driver (Denard Robinson) opened his eyes and then went back to sleep.

I continued to knock on the window until the passenger Marissa Staples woke up and rolled the window down and said “what’s up”.I explained that their vehicle was in a pond and that they needed to exit the vehicle. The passenger attempted to roll the window back up. I was able to reach in the vehicle and unlock the door so I could help the occupants exit the vehicle.The passenger refused to exit the vehicle and had to be pulled out of the car. The driver was passed out during this whole process. I was able to wake the driver but had to turn the vehicle off and remove his seatbelt.The driver thought he was on a road and did not want to exit the vehicle. I had to tell the driver multiple times his car was in a pond and was sinking so he needed to hurry up and get out.

The driver tried about three times to open the driver’s door which was the side that was under water. I had to keep reminding the driver to climb out of the passenger side because his door was in the water.”



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