K-State and Colin Klein Lose: Heisman Chances GONE?

Updated: November 18, 2012

It was upset Saturday last night. Nights like that make me love and hate college football at the SAME DAMN TIME.

On one hand, you have to love the excitement. Or in the words of Bart Scott, “ANYBODY CAN GET BEAT!!” But on the other hand I hate the fact that the entire season is virtually a single-elimination, winner takes all tournament.

When the “playoffs” start in college football (and I quote that because only six conferences will have a chance to enter it) maybe things will change. For now it is the system we have and we’ll deal with it as fans. But for the players it really has to suck.

How can you tell a guy like Colin Klein “Hey, you were one of the best players in the nation but sorry your team lost one game at Baylor we are eliminating you from winning the Heisman!” It just doesn’t make sense. But that’s the spillover from the winner takes all mindset.

Raise you hand if you thought that the week before Thanksgiving K-State would be a legitimate National Title contender.

Maybe one of you would be telling the truth, the rest are lying if your hands are raised.

That is the reason Klein should win the Heisman. He made the biggest impact on the biggest level. You can argue for Manti Teo and Braxton Miller as well, but what happens if ND loses versus USC and Ohio State stumbles versus Michigan? Then we are at square one all over again.

The fact of the matter is we have to stop looking for undefeated Heisman contenders and start handing the trophy to the most exemplary player in the Nation. And by all means that is Colin Klein in 2013. He should be your Heisman winner… but will he?