2013 NFL Draft: Denard Robinson No Longer a QB? Devin Gardner Starts

Updated: November 17, 2012

In case you have been wondering, there is a reason that you have not seen Denard Robinson in any of my 2013 first round mock drafts this year. It’s not because he isn’t talented. It’s because who knows what position he will play?

Robinson may be a wide receiver, running back, kick return specialist, who knows? We all know he won’t be a quarterback on the next level.

To add fuel to that fire, Robinson isn’t even starting at QB for his Michigan Wolverines anymore. This Saturday Robinson got the start at running back with Devin Gardner getting the start at quarterback.

What does this do for Denard Robinson’s draft stock? It probably kills it, at least as a QB. Robinson has been banged up lately which is why Devin Gardner began to play quarterback (he was previously a receiver), but it looks like the switch has been made. It’s Gardner’s job to lose right now.

On a pro level it is seriously doubtful if anyone has Robinson on their radar as a QB. The player he most recently compares to is former Appalachian State QB Armanti Edwards who went in the third round to the Panthers in 2010. Edwards is yet to log any significant professional stats. I think Robinson will be drafted in the fourth to fifth round as a developmental slot receiver. Will he make a bigger impact than Armanti and the other recent QB’s turned WR?

We’ll see.

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