Marvin Austin Dismissed

Updated: October 13, 2010

UNC has decided to dismiss senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin from their football program, following a NCAA investigation on an alleged party that UNC players attended with NFL agents.

This is just a shame, as the young man won’t be allowed to be around his friends on the football team, but you have to play by the rules.  We saw the same thing happen last year when Dez Bryant had lunch with Deion Sanders and didn’t tell the NCAA about it.  Any contact with anyone that can be considered an agent and you are toast.

I personally feel as though the NCAA is one of the most hypocritical governing bodies in all organizations in America.  You have situations where AJ Green is in trouble for attempting to sell a game worn jersey, yet the NCAA allowed Nebraska to sell Taylor Martinez’ game worn jersey!

Long as that good ol’ free labor keeps working, right?

Don’t give me the argument about the tuition compensation because we all know that these players deserve way more in return for the billions of dollars they generate for their schools.

But that’s another topic for another day. Marvin keep your head up!