Greg Little, Robert Quinn Ineligible

Updated: October 12, 2010

Greg Little

And two more UNC players are ineligible for the rest of the year.

Greg Little and Robert Quinn, two of UNC’s most talented players are also going to feel the consequences of the NCAA’s investigation on UNC players and their alleged party in Miami with NFL agents.

On the field UNC is definately going to be hurt.  Greg Little is their #1 receiver and Quinn is their best pass rusher.  Both players could very well opt to go to the NFL after this season.

But back to the real problem… the NCAA has to investigate why these players feel the need to take benefits even though we’ve seen countless times (Reggie Bush, Maurice Clarett, Chris Webber, etc.) that it always damages the player’s reputation and career when found out?

Why are players still compelled to take that chance? Are they really being compensated properly? Is just tuition and board enough when coaches are signing million dollar contracts and athletic directors are negotiating multimillion dollar television contracts?

The new motto for NCAA should be “we can benefit off your talent, but you better not.”