Denard Robinson Starts to Fizzle

Updated: October 16, 2010

A lot of people were hyping Denard Robinson as he was running over, around, and by the likes of UConn and Notre Dame and were crowing him not only the greatest player in the FBS but one of the greatest players of all time.  Denard’s yardage totals were eye-popping but I was not ready to go crazy over his eye totals.

My eyes were on that tough Big Ten schedule.

Michigan still has to play Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and just took a loss from Michigan State.  All pretty stout defenses compared to the cupcakes Indiana, UConn and Notre Dame.

In the MSU game Robinson mustered up just 86 rushing yards (compared to his average of over 120) and threw 3 interceptions.

There are already articles in the the Detroit Press saying that Robinson is doing too much by himself. Many analysts have also dropped Robinson out their Hesiman watch as his numbers cool and LaMichael James and Taylor Martinez start to heat up.