#Linning: The Best Place To Buy Your Jeremy Lin Jersey

lin jersey redHave you been swept with #Linsanity? Are you #Linning these days? Whether you are a Rockets fan, a proud Taiwanese American, or just a fan of great basketball chances are you have heard the name Jeremy Lin. The 6’3 200 point guard from Harvard has come out of nowhere and swept the nation with an insustainable fever. Now everyone and their mother is looking to buy a Jeremy Lin Jersey.

Good thing for you, we have some legit hookups to get you settled along on the way.

Why You Should Get a Jersey

First of all, why should you order a Lin Jersey? Glad you asked. Here is a list of all the reasons why you should upgrade your swag with that #17:

  1. Jeremy Lin stands to be the most popular athlete in 2012.  With Yao Ming retired, Lin is the sole Asian-American dominating the NBA right now.
  2. The Rockets are one of the most well known franchises in the world.  Whether you are in Taiwan, China, Japan, or elsewhere everyone knows the colors of the big H… the Rockets!
  3. Jeremy is a legit NBA player.  This isn’t a fluke.  This guy can flat out BALL.  Just ask the New Jersey Nets or John Wall and his Washington Wizards.
  4. Do you really want a Toney Douglas or Baron Davis jersey? I’m kidding, but you get the point.
  5. Asian chicks dig it. There I said it.

Where is the Best Place to Order Your Jersey?

I really hope you heed this advice. Before I direct you to some good vendors let’s talk about where you SHOULD NOT get your Jeremy Lin jersey from:

  1. eBay- most of the jerseys you get from here will be FAKE and poor quality. As a guy who’s have been buying jerseys for 10+ years I’m telling you the quality just is not the same. eBay jerseys are made from that fake parachute material and look awful up close. You know what I’m talking about. They are usually poorly stitched and the patches are haphazardly glued on.
  2. The flea market- Even worse than eBay. At least on ebay they are utilizing a factory. At these flea markets you have people who literally are buying Carmelo jerseys, undoing the stiching, and gluing and cutting their own home made patches on. I’m sorry but buying a jersey produced on someone’s kitchen table doesn’t sound like the business to your boy.
  3. Some rogue site online- SMH (shaking my head.)  You don’t even know who these guys are.  So if (and when) they scam you you cannot get your money back.  Not to mention that you don’t even know what you’re really getting or what country it’s being shipped from until it arrives.

Where You Should Go:

As someone who’d bought jerseys for over 10 years I will tell you there are only a handful of places I’m confident to even recommend. One being our pals over at Fanatics. Their prices are fair, the product is authentic, and they ship from right here in the USA. You can’t ask for more than that.

Click here to see if they have any Lin Jerseys in stock!

adidas Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets Revolution 30 Performance Replica Jersey - Red

These are going to sell out FAST so be quick before you have to wait for the restock!

Amazon is also a great place to shop for a Jeremy Lin jersey, especially with these exclusive Amazon coupons.

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