Is Kyrie Irving is Having the Quietest Rookie of the Year Season of ALL TIME?!

With everyone going insane over Linsanity right now, it seems as if 2011 #1 overall selection Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been a forgotten man. It isn’t a wonder why though, he only appeared in a handful of games for Duke in his collegiate career before getting injured only to return for the tourney where Duke was eliminated. The fact that not many saw Kyrie in college combined with being drafted to the lowly Cavaliers is the main reasons behind him being a forgotten man in the NBA landscape. That… and Linsanity.

Just look at the stats. Kyrie is putting the Cavaliers on his back right now and his impact is translating into W’s for the Cavs.

2011 Kyrie Irving – 18 ppg 5 ast 3 reb

Maybe more people will take notice now that Kyrie won the rising stars MVP but I seriously doubt it because he’s only getting a fraction of the media attention he deserves for such an incredible rookie season.

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