Spotlight: Dropcam Cloud Based Wifi Video Monitor

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dropcam for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Have you ever had a need to be two places at the same time? Well back in the day having eyes in two locations at once was a tedious and bulky process but now thanks to Dropcam it’s extremely simple to make it happen. For those with home security and streaming video needs Dropcam provides a service that is really worth checking out.

Just some of the awesome features they provide include the ability to schedule recording, turn your camera off from a remote location, record footage to the cloud, and share it with your friends. This is great for people who have loved ones they wish to stay connected to, or to keep tabs on pets and valuables while away from home. Imagine being on vacation and able to check on your puppy from anywhere in the world! Imagine having a home monitor you can see 24/7. Well that is completely possible!

Dropcam can be accessed anywhere in the world via mobile apps and features unlimited recording with two way talk, up to 8x zoom and night vision. If I had Dropcam in my house I’d certainly place it in my office to make sure no one is snooping on any confidential documents! You can never be too secure with certain important things like your birth certificate and social security card!

Dropcam can make a big difference in not only my life, but any business owner. There is no price you can put on peace of mind.

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Spotlight: The Baby Growth Chart by BabyCalculators

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of babycalculators for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

    The birth of a child is always a huge and very important event in the family’s life. Parents are waiting for long nine month to see a smiling face that is very similar to theirs. It makes parent’s heart beating more intense and it overfills with the tenderness, love and caress. Everything changes when a mommy with a small smiling baby steps into the house. From this moment the life of the whole family changes – everyone takes care of a baby that brings a lot of happiness for each family member.

    The first sounds that child makes, the first eructation, the first steps and the first teeth – with all these small but marvelous doings moms want to share with the whole world. Fortunately, nowadays mothers have a chance to show everyone how their children grow and what they are learning during the first years of their lives. Then, another question pops up: what is a best way to share with other mommies how their child grows up? Easy!

    Nowadays the web can offer a big variety of choices for mothers. With the popularity on baby-blogs and forums more and more moms share their child’s development process with their friends. Using widgets can significantly simplify the process of tracking the child’s growth in a fun way. With this Baby Growth Chart Widget mothers can save themselves some time and be more organised. Moreover, we all know that most blogs with cool and remarkable features tend to be more popular than ones without them. So why hesitate?

    If you want to share how your pretty little baby is growing up – start doing it right now. It is easy to register on the web-page and start using it. The website is very simple to use – mommy can choose the American or European measuring system, all the information mommies are keeping in their blog can be printed or saved as an image. Moreover, it uses international standards developed by the World Health Organization.


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The Amazing Growth of March Madness: How Basketball Has Become an American Obsession

basketballIt’s true the best month to buy a new HDTV is indeed the month of February. Deals are far and wide for hoop watchers because when the month of March comes, so does the madness! Basketball fans everywhere long to see every games in high-def and the bigger the screen the better. This American obsession has grown in unrivaled popularity but how did it all start? Continue reading

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Shabazz Muhammad is Entering the Draft, Says Coach

shabazz muhammadThis is not a surprise to anyone, but guess what: Shabazz Muhammad is going Pro! At least that is what his coach thinks.

Coach Howland decided to let the cat out of the bag when asked about the future of his freshman powerforward. Howland’s response: Continue reading

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Top 4 NBA Teams with the Oldest Roster

carmelo struggle faceYou’d think that young men would dominate professional basketball. Oddly enough, there are some pretty good NBA teams with old players who just keep hanging on. Continue reading

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Catholic Schools Take Big East Branding to New League

hibbertWith all of the conference realignment going on right now, the Big East is going to look real different in the future. The Catholic Schools currently in the conference (DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova) will be leaving to start a new league. The “football only” schools will be in the old Big East but will have to create a new name for their league because according to reports the Catholic schools are taking the Big East branding with them: Continue reading

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Victor Oladipo is the Next Michael Jordan?

Victor OladipoThis is almost blasphemous for me to type as a basketball fan. However, with his impressive run this season at Indiana swingman Victor Oladipo is being called the next Michael Jordan.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We are talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan the skinny kid from Wilmington who could leap out the gym and had a knack for scoring, who eventually became the six-time champion we all know. That’s who Victor Oladipo is being compared to.

Even Magic Johnson said “To me, he’s a combination of [Michael] Jordan and Dwyane Wade.”

Is the comparison fair? Continue reading

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Monta Ellis on His Way to the Atlanta Hawks? Trade in the Works

large__5493804076The Atlanta Hawks are a team rebuilding and looking to clear out some of the veterans from their current core. After sending Joe Johnson north to Brooklyn a few months ago, the biggest trade piece left available is swingman Josh Smith.

Smith is getting interest from the Boston Celtics who are likely offering Jeff Green, but word is that the Hawks have their eye on a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks. Why might you ask? Well, because they can get Monta Ellis in return who is Continue reading

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Is Michael Jordan Planning a 2013 NBA Return in Charlotte?

jordanThere is a lot of debate going on these days about who is the greatest player of all time but without a doubt the majority agree it is Michael Jordan. His Airness was simply a once in a lifetime player who won six titles and six NBA Finals MVPs. It is always hard for us to let our heroes go, and even harder to stop bringing them up when discussing the current state of the game.

That’s why this story is gaining steam. Could MJ really be planning an NBA return at age 50? He did say and I quote, “don’t be surprised if you look up and see me playing at age 50. Don’t laugh.”

Jordan seemed like he was dead serious when he said that and according to reports is looking to get back down to his playing weight. He is even taking Continue reading

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Nerlens Noel Suffers Serious Knee Injury

nerlensYou hate to see this happen to college kids.

While they are labeled as “one and done” they are still kids trying to achieve a dream. We don’t have to get into the many reasons that this type of incident is unfortunate, Nerlens Noel isn’t getting paid to play and already suffered a huge setback.

Modern medicine is getting better but a knee injury is still a knee injury. It won’t be until well after the NBA Draft and probably until after his rookie season that we see how this injury slows him down. Noel is still getting picked top 10 don’t get it confused but he’s going to be slowed down at least for his rookie year.

If you have the stomach to watch knee injuries check out the video below: Continue reading

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