Saints Fans Troll Falcons With 28-3 Billboard

Updated: August 4, 2017

I am not sure if this qualifies as trolling when you are paying, but Saints fans apparently don’t care and are setting up a billboard to troll Falcons fans. At $1,000 a week this will come out to $17-20k depending on if they keep the board up during the preseason or playoffs. Seems like the Saints fans are the losers here.

Here are the details:

For $1,000 a week, Saints fans want to make Falcons fans relive the Super Bowl collapse with a billboard displaying the now infamous 28-3 third-quarter score near Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The New Orleans T-shirt company Dirty Coast has launched the campaign based off their (apparently) popular score designed shirt. From the campaign:

In New Orleans we take history seriously. So it goes without asking that we made note of the historic loss in last year’s Superbowl. So to commemorate that moment we would like to put up a billboard in Atlanta. Is it an epic act of trolling? Maybe. Is it hilarious? You bet.

If you want to help us pay for the billboard ($1,000 per week) then please donate $10. If we can collect enough we can keep the billboard up for months.

-Source: AJC