LaVar Ball ETHERS Fox’s Kristine Leahy ‘Stay in your Lane’ [VIDEO]

Updated: May 17, 2017

The media is going to run wild with this Lavar Ball story for one reason and one reason only: Big Baller is going to be the blueprint that takes down NIKE. Everyone can see it coming and now that Lonzo will likely be playing in LA (for Magic Johnson mind you) it looks like Lavar’s gamble paid off. Get ready to see more top players start their own brands before even thinking about negotiating a shoe deal.

Ball went on Fox this morning to discuss his son but instead was disrespected by Kristine Leahy’s line of questioning to which he calmly reacted.

Now let’s forget the part where Lavar:

-Called her a great reporter
-Said he was happily married
-Said he respects women

Video below of Lavar Ball & Kristine Leahy on Fox:

The media is already working spin this interview because a woman got her feelings hurt by a boisterous man:

I have to call it for what it is. The man came to talk Celtics, Lakers and Lonzo and was asked personal questions about his finances.

How would you react?