Colonial Media CEO Blocks ECU Game from ESPN Radio in Response to Protests

Updated: October 5, 2016

Once again, this has nothing to do with the military.

Band members at East Carolina University have decided that they are going to join in Colin Kaepernick’s protest, because why not value human rights for everyone?

As an alum of that University I can tell you first hand that Greenville, NC is definitely not the racial utopia of the United States. If anything I’d say that it is closer to the exact opposite- especially if people don’t think you are a college student.

Protesting for human rights is definitely something that needs to be happening in Greenville. Again, this is coming from someone who lived there for five years.

However, because ECU students protested for human rights ESPN Radio will not play the game:

Someone told me today that people have the First Amendment rights to be #AllLivesMatter, intellectually dishonest, and flat out racist. And you know what? That person was right.

This is nothing more than the 2016 version of “your name is Toby” but there is nothing people can do if they don’t hold the power. In this position Colonial Media CEO Jeff Andrulonis has the power to block the ECU Game from ESPN Radio because he feels offended. You can guess why he might really be offended.

Just another reminder one can be fired, dropped, or fined for expressing support for the basic human rights of people in this country.

That is very sad.

And that is why this will never end.