Kwame Brown Making a Comeback to the NBA

Updated: August 22, 2016

The former #1 overall pick and one of the biggest draft “busts” ever is making his way back to the league. That’s right, Michael Jordan’s former prized #1 overall draft pick Kwame Brown is back like he left something.

Here are the details on Kwame’s comeback:

Kwame Brown never really deserved the literal and metaphorical beatings he took during his disappointing NBA journeyman’s career. He didn’t ask to be the No. 1 pick in the 2001 Draft, and he certainly didn’t ask for the burden of expectation that came along with having to make front-office neophyte Michael Jordan look like a competent NBA executive.

His career was more or less doomed from the beginning, both by small hands (he might be the second-most maligned person after Donald Trump for that accident of genetics) and by the relentless psychological abuse he endured from the then Wizards president (and again later in Charlotte). Brown finally faded out of the league a few years ago, but according to a new report, it appears he’s trying to revamp his basketball career. According to theInterperformances website, Brown has signed on with their sports agency in hopes of landing another NBA gig.


Kwame wasn’t that terrible when he made his rounds through the league as a role player. He is a serviceable big, and after all Mozgov just got $60 million in guaranteed money.

What a time to be alive.