Top 5 Reactions to Isiah Crowell’s “Anti Police” Apology @IsaiahCrowell34

Updated: July 17, 2016

Isaiah Crowell posted an image on his Instagram of a masked cartoon character strangling a “police officer” looking character. Of course certain people found their selective outrage and decided to come after Crowell.

Crowell has apologized and will donate money to the police:

I have no idea why he apologized. Because some white people got offended? Guess what? I’m offended when the killing of a 12 year old black boy by the police went unpunished… IN OHIO. I’m offended when a black man carrying a bb gun off the Walmart shelf got murdered by police IN WALMART…. IN OHIO. I’m offended when… see where I’m going with this?

These “people” who hide behind nameless faceless accounts don’t care about justice. They say NOTHING when black people are murdered on camera but all of a sudden can speak up because of the tragedy in Dallas.

If they really cared they’d speak on all injustice all the time. Not when it just happens to white police officers they identify with.

Mr. Crowell, here is what the people really think about you.


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