Miko Grimes’ Drops New Podcast @iHeartMiko [Listen]

Updated: May 15, 2016

The outspoken wife of NFL star CB Brent Grimes, Miko Grimes, now has her own podcast. I am not sure if this is a pilot or full show but it will be interesting. We’ve all heard the stories and read the tweets but now someone has messed around and given Miko a live mic to go in as she pleases!

With in the first three minutes she describes herself as a “loud mouth, rude, crazy b*tch.”

Miko goes on to say that she is going to taper down on her attacks of her husband’s critics then delivers this gem:

“If you don’t by now how amazing Brent Grimes is, you are a f*cking lunatic!”

All within the first three minutes.

At least no one can say Miko backed away from her words.

Click here to listen now.

I highly recommend this podcast. She goes IN on the NFL and CTE. She also goes in on the police and her arrest incident. It sounds like these are facts even with the profanity-laced delivery.

Miko is about to change the podcast game. Again, I highly recommend: